Friday, 25 January 2013

Monster Greetings Cards

I have to say I had THE most fun doing this range of cupcakes. I am a huge kid at heart.

They were intended to be for a range of greetings cards for kids - for any occasion.

I toyed with a number of ideas.....

These were modelled out of sugarpaste.  I also created a few which were piped into monsters with buttercream. The buttercream ones were favoured and below are the cards they ended up on. I have to say these are my favourite ones yet!

There is always a little drama with Dollymix Cupcakes - on the day of the shoot I painstakingly made the cupcakes below, only to drop them on the way into the building - the whole box landed upside down. 

Rather unprofessionally, I broke into hysterical giggles as did my friend. 

All ended well as I had spare buttercream .... and check these babies out!

What do you think? I can imagine the second one being really cool to give to a younger brother for his birthday!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long - back soon!


Saturday, 10 November 2012

BOO! Halloween Childrens Cupcake Decorating Class

So Autumn holidays (half term as we call it in England) came and went. But we couldn't let it go without some Halloween fun.

I may have mentioned previously that I own a restaurant - So I had the perfect venue for Childrens Cupcake Decorating Classes.

I ran two Halloween Classes over the Holiday period. These are what I made to teach the kids aged 6 upwards  (my favourite has to be the ghost with the bow in her hair) :-

Halloween cupcake boxes!

Here is some of their work. Look at the bony fingers!

Some pictures of their work.

The class was a real success and I am looking forward to doing more - the Winter Wonderland class on Sunday 16th December is now sold out. If you would like to book on to any other please join the mailing list by contacting

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Buttercream ruffle cakes.....

I am soooo loving the trend for buttercream ruffle cakes. Why? Because because because I love all things vintage and this style screams vintage. Add a little bunting and you have the cutest simplest of cakes with a stunning effect.

Now - it's not as easy as it looks. I think my first couple of attempts aren't toooo bad - but I think I could do with a little practice.  Here is the first - an 8 inch vanilla sponge with buttercream ruffles.

Was a lot easier to do with a turntable.  Don't underestimate how much your hand and forearm will hurt from squeezing the piping bag!!!  Here is the side view - I am not happy about the "ripped" effect on the edges of the buttercream - not sure why it came out like that. Maybe it wasn't moist enough?

 Here is another one I did using a standard petal tip. What do you think? could be neater in my view. Taught myself how to do this - via online tutorials. I also made the bunting myself.

A little more practice I think. I thoroughly enjoyed making these.

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Vintage Glamour Cupcakes

Vintage is everywhere. I have tried to fight it. My love has always been for brights. But when I decided to do a vintage range I just had to add a touch of gold too... Here is what I came up with!

I have used sugarveil here - this is a relatively new technique which is basically edidle lace. These cupcakes were creaated on a cupcake decorating course, so I didn't create the veil myself -it was already done for me.  It's a fiddly process - and I am not sure the cost justifies it!   I've also never been sure about fondant topped cupcakes - whilst it looks gorgeous - I need to sink my teeth into buttercream heaven!!

Would love to hear what you think about these! xxxx

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Vintage Easter Cake and Easter Cupcakes

Hey Everyone
So I've been missing for months - I have been sooo busy, lots of new things happening, lots to fill you in on...

But for today - I just want to share my Easter Creations .... Would love to hear your thoughts !

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Birthday Cupcakes for a 4 year old boy.....

My friend wanted some cupcakes for her little boy's birthday party but she also loved my rose cupcakes - so I made both!

Here is what I came up with....

I decided to bling up the Number 4's - which meant a lot of dipping in edible glitter !!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I guest blogged over at Creative Notts....

Hey everyone,

I guest blogged over at Creative Notts today. Do take a look here! (You can also see the introductory post about me here)I have been soo busy lately I have not had a chance to write any blog posts  and I deliberatly have tried to refrain from writing short rubbish ones!

I was looking through my Dubai photos earlier this week and remembered the gorgeous pastry and macaroon shops - to die for. A blog post about them is definetely on the cards.

Hope you are all well :)


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Is it too late to write about Kate's Cake???!!

Better late than never- how could I not stop by and do a note on THE Royal Wedding Cake???

Fiona Cairn from Leicestershire and her team made this cake - she supplies the likes of Selfridges and Harrods.

This 9 tiered baby took 5 weeks to create.

Do I like it ? Yes and No - I guess it has to be suitably embellished to compete against the surrounding elegant setting ... perhaps a little too much for my liking .... but perfect for a princess!

What I love about this cake is the detail and thought that went into it - Kate gave detailed instructions to include 17 different types of flowers for their meanings... 
the "language of love"...I detail some below

Sweet William: Grant me one smile
Honeysuckle: The bond of Love
Lily of the Valley: Sweetness, Humility
Apple Blossom: Preference, Good fortune
Daisy: Innocence, Beauty, Simplicity
White Heather: Protection, Wishes come true

and many many more..... I am SUCH a hopeless romantic.
How can you not become lost in that list?

The fourth tier featured intricate garlands, reflecting the architechtural details in the room.

The cake was traditional fruit - and the bride was suitably impressed. The detailing is mindblowingly exquisite.

What do we all think of the cake?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New logo for Dollymix Cupcakes!

Having decided to take the cupcake work a little more seriously, I decided the first thing I needed to do was to create a brand - something that would appeal to wedding clients as well as parties and corporate.

I decided that I wanted something chic, elegant, sophisticated and a bit girly - after all - the majority of my orders come from women!

I chose to work with Neofinity, a contact that I have had for some time, and I finally took the plunge to see what they would come up with. I have to say, I LOVE it!!!

It totally ticks all the boxes, and I cannot WAIT to start using it for flyers, website etc...I would love to know what you think!

Next project for me is to work on a website and sort out how I want it to look. I also want to change the look of my blog to make it more in line with the logo - clean simple and a dash of fuschia!

In the meantime you can take a look at Neofinity's work here - I am sure you will agree they are great!

I'm off to Dubai next week, hope you all have a fantastic Easter break!